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TD-i is an innovation in Integrated Front & Back Office Functionality, E-Commerce, Content Management and XML Connectivity for the travel industry of today, and tomorrow.

Next Generation Front & Back Office System for the Travel Industry...
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The Flexible E-Commerce Solution with Content Management...
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The Global Travel Gateway for XML Purchasing & Distribution...
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Bespoke Mobile Applications Designed for the Travel Industry...
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Available Now – World 2 Meet
Available Now – FastPayHotels
Available Now – Travellanda
Available Now - BetaBeds
Available Now – SMY Rooms
Available Now – Pay Safe
Available Now – HotelBeds Activities
Available Now – Card Assure

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Mobile Travel Websites
and Mobile Apps

Mobile Travel Websites are one of the fastest growing areas of the travel industry. Currently popular as a booking platform, for simple stand alone products such as flight, hotels and car hire, mobile booking solutions are set to expand in popularity and demand.

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