Infinity Information

The Top Dog Travel Systems Infinity XML API allows authorised travel partners direct and easy access to content from 150+ low cost, charter and scheduled airlines, 50+ bedbank suppliers, car hire providers, transfers suppliers, and other travel related suppliers around the world. XML suppliers list.

With a rich set of functions and versatile integration capabilities, the Infinity XML API system allows you to link directly between your system and suppliers availability and booking systems.

Real-time availability and fully automated booking processes, this innovative system is constantly updated and is backed by an experienced technical support team and application developers. Detailed specifications of all XML requests and responses and further information are available in our Infinity XML Specification.

The entire search and booking process can be completed by your application. You always remain in control of the customer and the user interface for the entire booking process.

We also have our integrated Interactive and Impact products that use the Infinity XML API.

How can I use it with my own applications?
First request a demonstration and we’ll show you just some of its capabilities. Request a demo.

Terms and Conditions
Use of the TopDog Travel Systems Infinity XML API is subject to a £1 per passenger per booking transaction fee for all bookings made, additional license/support fees may also apply. For more information email us at